[Music] hello well we are leaving Kigali we let's go here ok because we're going to try to do the gorilla Trekking do it alone without agency because it comes out cheaper with the agency they charge you US$ 1,800 per person if you you do you can only you only get $US600 dollars instead of you have to pay the agency on an exact day and in Rwanda it is very expensive we have to change again to the country we were before (Uganda) but it is very close because it is one hour and half drive and well one thing that is important here the bus leaves when they filled it before no. Right now we have four people and we missing three people. it can be an hour can be or two hours but this doesn't work like that if you want aleave now you can tell what you will pay everything obviously, we are backpackers and we have a budget and we cannot do it.

this van ride costed two and a half dollars per person, and up to border there we get off we do the passport entry and there you have to search for a taxi that can drive you an hour to get where gorilla trekking places are supposed to be look how they load children into the back with a rag here they don't use baby carts. Here they load babies like that look look at the children who are being carried well friends we are here in Kabale and we will drive three hours to a natural park natural where basically we are going to see the mountain gorillas and we will to camp there also tomorrow and the 28th that is in two days half of mountain gorillas are there that is, it is a natural park where there are half the gorillas of the world but we're in a group of eight people daily they do not let out more people be it is very very rare that people can see gorillas why it is on the border with congo? the park there is called virunga national park the three countries are bordering all of the world's gorillas are there here in Uganda are half of them.

I'm very glad to do that my god I wanted that too then!!! he says basically we're going to go on the part of uganda where they have the border with congo obviously already we said that congo is dangerous there you can't go here it is very complicated and he says there are watching the all of the planet gorillas… in those three countries At the time there was a tribe that lived but already they don't live there they don't let them live anymore so as not to damage the gorillas. In a census of 12 years ago you can obviously do census every day of the world there are 800 gorillas…

800 88xxshish less than 1000 this is a wonderful moment in my life moment in my life in my life he says some are not nice of kind… and don't like people and some are totally used to being close to people and that's what we're going to see that it's not dangerous and there you can be perfectly close with them they are certainly free it's a quiet kind It is not a zoo there are no cages for them also that's calm and happy from them let's go to the park called impenetrable national park if you want to camp for 10 dollars per person we already had said it we have a tent to save money we'll see [Music] so that you are clear doing it youselves just the gorilla tracking it costs 600 the entrance per person plus 50 per person transportation to get there is 650 per person more the stay if you want stay in a hotel now or if you want camping we are going to camp [Music] beautiful ah well well as you can see we are a uncovered road road I don't know how much you can see excuse me but we are in the truck then we already left the highway that although here it's like two hours on a uncovered road to Bwindi Margaret is behind and the driver and Meeeeee!!!! there we go!!! if you see anything but we are on a road going up well friends we arrived after almost three hours of the road we are just outside of the bwindi park we will stay 2 days here as I said we have the permit for theday after tomorrow we camped, is it the cheapest $ 10 per person a night and well much colder 15C degree temperature this is cold for Africa…

– today was raining and I am very happy and well thanks for watching bye [Music].

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