all day. All day long. We have fine day. Were you in that team message this early morning with the with the about the chase, the high-speed chase, you recognize Simply paying attention or reading the text as they can. Yeah, that'' s what I was, I'was dealt like, I ' m simply mosting likely to. That ' s one of those type of touchy locations where Remain in your lane. Perfect Constitutional Policeman and you, you know, he'' s type of on the very same degree as me. He is a chosen official. So, he'' s on the exact same degree. So, if we had the very same discussion. State, anything would certainly be escape of line. Method. Way out of line. . It it'' s. Yet I understand the disagreements from both sides and I think that.That that factor

was made that it ' s very good to'have all the information. Yeah. Since. Well, that'' s just it. We wear'' t understand. We put on ' t know the opposite side of that details. However I ' ve additionally, I stay in downtown Clarksville right there on the square as well as I see the individuals in. Oh, you ought to see em by the time they obtain up in front of my shop. They'' re running 70 or 80 sometimes. So, I see it from both sides. Yeah. But I assume Joey obtained them back in their lane. kind of saw the message that can be found in after the conversation with Sharon. I was like, yeah. I believe this is type of going to operate at Sheldon. I saw Pete today. Anderson. Oh, yeah. He told him just how much. We valued him. Say thanks to you.And having Cornelian work as a component of that conversation due to the fact that they'' re kind of out front a little bit. You understand, even if they have a lot development, you know? They do. You understand, they'' re seeing problems. Yeah. You know, Yeah. And I believed that was. We kind of need you there. It was an excellent meeting. I thought that was a real deal. Where'' s your lapel? Examining, screening. One, two, 3

, four, 5. the eco-friendly lights on on this. He stated he'' d ensure he ' s mosting likely to be there. Excellent. That ' s terrific. That? Just type of'intend to bill him out. See to it he ' s like, man, it ' s a wild-goose chase. I didn ' t obtain that feeling at all. No, I I'.

Yet I simply asked. Yeah, I recognize. I imply, it ' s excellent to know.Like it was truly good. Just told him banking generally. Yeah. Yeah. He said he would be there. I mean, he seems to be actually. Yeah. Receptive to. Yeah. He ' s drawing in the exact same instructions. Yeah. It ' s just if everyone else will go in the exact same direction will certainly be great. Yeah. Everybody'' s always obtained. Everybody has a program. The means the world works. Yeah. Trying to bring it. Discover that typical thread that we can all consent to. It'' s sort of challenging. Definitely. I assume we have a good strategy. Have you had a great day today? Yeah.

I have. I'' ve been in the airport terminal supervisors half of that meetings half the day. Okay. Yet we are completed and also we believe we have a really excellent candidate. We all concur. The little environment-friendly lights on. Yeah. He was so valuable and Charlie remained in there too. It'' s great. So, yeah. So, we had actually excellent. Oh. I indicate, we had some really good candidates. Outstanding. Yet this set person owns Right here we go. Yes. so excited. I do now Okay, it'' s a little prior to before six. Kinda my idea of doing this was to have a couple of mins for individuals to talk amongst themselves or ask concerns from the division heads or commissioners or our area manager I would most definitely like to thank everyone for coming this evening.Uh and offering a little bit of your time to ideally discover a little bit extra about the region as well as what'' s going on. Uh Tonight ' s city center conference will certainly have to do with Public and we have a few of our division specialists up below that if there'' s an inquiry that I can ' t response, possibly they can address it as well as if we neither one can address it, we ' ll learn and also return to you. I always tell people I I have to provide me this, provide everyone this please note upfront that, you know, I'' m just one Commissioner.What I provide may or might not be the views of the remainder of the payment. So, simply due to the fact that I I state that I would certainly am in favor of something or wish to do something. It does take a majority vote by the commission. For the majority of things, unless it'' s a functional thing that miss out on Vaughn can do at degree yet if it has to come before the compensation, it takes three people to concur not just not simply myself.Um and the commission meetings Habersham County Board of Commissioners meet on the third Monday of monthly at 6 PM in the court assembly space on the very first floor at the courthouse in Clarksville. Um we do occasionally have unique meetings. this evening ' s Town Hall Meeting was promoted as a as an unique meeting but because there'' s only 2 people commissioners below, we put on ' t have a quorum to make sure that ' s why we didn ' t telephone call it to get like we did the last meeting since

we had a forum of the commissioners.Uh however special call meetings are are called whenever there'' s something required. Typically, it'' s something of emerging nature that needs to be managed before the following on a regular basis set up meeting. I'' m conference announcements, schedule, as well as details is kept up to day on the Habersham County web site. the public obviously is invited to go to all payment meetings and despite the fact that this isn'' t a main payment meeting, that'' s why the the door is open in the rear of the room that it is an an open meeting for any individual to to find in. Alright, a few of the topics that we ' re going to talk a little concerning tonight is the road department, the land fill, from the roadway department. We have Jerry Baggett, our Public Works Director and Steve Worley, our roadway division superintendent and also from the land fill, we have Lori. She'' s been there a lot for life. Twenty-three. Yeah. Yeah. Uh she understands all there is to understand about the landfill and also possibly some things that she don'' t would like to know about the land fill.

we are going to chat a bit about the airport. Despite the fact that the airport isn'' t under the Public Functions Domain any longer, it made use of to be and with the restructure and it'' s mosting likely to be'it ' s very own division. So, yet because whenever I began putting this with each other, I'' d currently placed some info concerning the airport terminal and there'' s a couple of points going on with the airport that I assumed it would behave to communicate to the people. So, I I left the airport in there even though it'' s practically not component of public works any type of longer. We'' ll talk a little bit regarding stormwater.Um and also then a little regarding water and also sewage system. The last 3 points, the stormwater, the water as well as sewer will, they will certainly be the briefest part of the the conversation. Um as well as after that we will additionally speak about a roadways and bridges spray. Uh at the very end. Alright, a bit about the roadway division. There'' s 4 10. eight five miles of smooth road in Habersham County. ninety-six point five 6 miles of dust roadway. This is centerline roadway miles. there'' s 52 bridges that the roadway departments accountable for maintaining up. There'' s eight watershed dams that they'' re in charge of. Um either maintaining up or being certain that they'' re'maintained. There ' s many concrete as well as metal cover culverts that remain in streams throughout the area. And afterwards there'' s a significant amount of metal covers. I I put on ' t think anyone has a hint how lots of steel cover are in the area that manage stormwater.Um I indicate, commonly

, every driveway has cover. Many of em steel. Alright, something that a great deal of people put on'' t understand that I truly wish to stress for everybody is that Habersham County has an on-line way of reporting any type of issue with the roadway. Uh you most likely to Habersham GA. com. Go to the divisions and after that the road department. If you scroll to all-time low of that tab, there'' s really a link for roadway repair.And you can click on fill out the info Doesn'' t issue if it ' s 2 o ' appear the early morning. Whenever the employees can be found in the next day, they will certainly have that information there. So, that'' s very helpful if if it ' s after hours or on the weekend, you can still report road road troubles and wear ' t need to stress over whether any person ' s mosting likely to look into it or anything because they will certainly will get it simply as soon as they come back right into the office.'I ' m I ' m a massive believer in an image ' s worth a thousand words. So, the next few slides are are photos that I desire to simply briefly review Um none of em will take a great deal of time but I desire individuals to recognize kind of what our roadway division does. everyday. Uh it'' s it ' s not like they ' re

refraining anything.Like I claimed earlier, between dust roadways and led the roadways, there'' s over 500 miles of roadways to maintain. Uh however several of the things they simulate throughout snow tornado easy. Uh they were out clearing roadways, removing particles, removing snow off the roadways. even and also I'' m going to call him out since he ' s right here. They also got one of the individuals from the the landfill to come and aid him clear roads as Curtis Holtze back here.Uh so, despite the fact that he ' s not affixed to the roadway division, Lori Graciously let him help us out some. So, that that ' s a real example of just how all of our departments function with each other. you understand, there in the storm, snow storm, they didn'' t just work throughout the day. They function essentially around the clock. They burn the midnight oil. Uh it wasn'' t none of this. Well, it ' s 5 o ' clock. It ' s quitting time. We ' re going house. They remained with it for numerous days right till, you recognize, rather much all the roadways were at the very least passable. Currently, that didn'' t mean that they were all cleared and also all the particles was up. Uh the particles took several weeks actually of little over two months I presume. We simply ended up to get all the debris cleaned up. Um this is simply a pair of images of the guys out. clearing particles from the roadsides. some roads were worse than others. Out of 7 hundred as well as twenty region roadways, there was 1 47 roadways that had debris from the tornado Izzy. So, it'' s a great deal of road miles to cover,

a great deal of'particles to grab. and it'' s not just snow storms. Uh we ' ve had a lot of rain, a great deal of flooding. Where culverts were had lots of debris. These individuals, they obtain phone calls regularly from individuals that the concealed clogged. Y'' all needs to have cleaned that stuff that'' s up the creek. Well, unfortunately, or fortunately, nevertheless you intend to take a look at it, we have a certain immediately that we can deal with As well as if you really wish to get technical, that stuff on up the creek is the home owner'' s duty to to keep it cleansed up.Until it washes down ultimately of the culvert and after that we put on'' t have any type of selection however to cleanse it up. But in that feeling, we ' re being positive. I mean, being responsive rather of proactive. Um I'' m not shaking off on the homeowners. So, you recognize, I hope it wear'' t dismayed anyone yet we can'' t go off the proper way to cleanse up anything. Uh it has to be on when driving right away that'' s given to us by the homeowner. this is simply an example on Program Creek Roadway this culvert was rinsed. This was an example of something that our our road department workers took treatment of. they dug it out, took the culvert that was also small, replaced it with two bigger culverts to deal with the amount of water that was coming down from that area. Regrettably, a great deal of times a culvert is placed in while there'' s one there that ' s a thirty-six-inch culvert. So, we ' ll put a a forty-two inch covered in following time. Well, when you do that, it'' s kind of experimentation.

as now, the men are really functioning with an engineer and also attempting to figure out the prospective water drainage from the the up uphill area or upstream uphill. Um and size in the culvert pipelines suitably for the amount of drainage that'' s mosting likely to enter into that'location. So, that ' s a manner in which we ' re being proactive to get rid of problems in the future. this was a a bridge on East Myers Road. I personally have a great deal of issues about this bridge. It'' s been there for a long period of time Uh it was washed out during Delta and also Zeta both. I assume it rinsed both times. It essentially, the water flow over tops the bridge as well as when it does that, it cleans it out. Among the significant worries that I have with it as you can tell by the the 2nd image or the image on the right, there'' s no guardrail on this bridge The college buses cross this bridge.With children on em, our kids. So, just the truth that it is sort of a slim bridge. There'' s no shoulder, There ' s no guard rail. This is a substantial reason for problem to me. Not just as a commissioner but as a resident that, you know, this is this is something that has a an extremely high potential for a crash to take place. Okay? And also we'' ll discuss when we review the roads as well as bridges splash soon what it might imply to locations similar to this. It the grade to be elevated. Maybe widened the shoulder. Uh and also some kind of railing there at the bridge and also guard rails on the entryway departure of the the roadway the guys they bushhog.Now, keep in mind, there'' s over 500 center line miles of roadway. So, the bush hog one-time on both sides of the roadway, that implies they'' re bush gobbling up a thousand miles or roadway immediately. Simply for one trip. At some time, depending upon the the moment of year, they bush hog one trip. They bush hog 2 trips or they bush hog all the means back to the edge of the right now. Well, undoubtedly, one trip'' s a thousand miles So, if they make two passes, that'' s 2, 000 miles and afterwards, when they do the all the way back to the side of the proper way, it maybe three, 4, relying on the roadway, maybe 5 passes to bush hog right back to the edge of the best away.So, you'understand, you ' re talking concerning four or 5000 miles possibly on that particular last journey that they bush hog. Uh and also one thing that I I I avoided earlier and also I shouldn'' t have, The amount of individuals that the road department has is just 26 people Currently, of those 26 individuals from in the March, initially to April through November, eight of em are assigned to Bushhog. That'' s 4 bush hog tractors that such as the ones in the image with the side arm mower or the one with the back behind mower and afterwards the bottom left, the environment-friendly tractor is a side arm, real side-arm bush hog. Each one of those takes 2 individuals because they need to have a comply with truck to maintain someone from obtaining as well close because a great deal of times, this bush hog, bush hogs, the heavier the the saplings, arm or legs, that type of thing.So, you need to

have a truck behind them to keep individuals from getting too close. So, with that stated, that'' s eight individuals on a daily basis that are designated to Shrub Hogging. Now, if there'' s something like Zeta or Delta where they have to draw those staffs off of bush hogging, after that, they support bush hogging. So, you know, and also I I presume I'' m I ' m claiming this in order to tell you that you know, if the road right away obtains a little high in an area or 2, feel in one’s bones that they'' re doing their best with the quantity of employees and tools that they need to deal with. They likewise Burchard like the side arm mower here on the right or on the left, sorry, various other right. They were bush monopolizing around the fairgrounds as well as bush monopolizing it back this this week actually and afterwards they additionally bush hog at the airport.That ' s what the image'on the right is and also they aid bush hog down at the land fill. So you know, they they do an incredible amount of job that'' s normally scheduled, not counting the work orders that they have actually been available in that they need to replace a culvert pipeline that quit up or dealt with a roadway that the shoulders are cleaning away Uh they probably and I don'' t know this for sure.They most likely have 100 job orders today. Hundred and also fifty. Hundred and fifty? Hundred fifty. Okay. I'' m regarding fifty short. So, half once more what I was expecting which'' s things that ' s been reported by the citizens in the county for points that needs to be fixed and also once again, this remains in enhancement to their regular day-to-day upkeep of bush hogging and grading dust roadways So, I slacked a little bit on that particular. I didn'' t locate any good images where I considered the electric motor graders. So, yet that'' s another thing that they do. Um they supervise the resurfacing despite the fact that we use local maintenance enhancement grant and also health facility for the match.County workers still has to monitor this. Uh or this procedure to make sure that the amount of roadway or quantity of asphalt is being put down as well as it ' s thick enough as well as compacted enough and also they can tell you more about that. They ' re the experts. But there ' s a a precise'procedure and you understand you intend to ensure that it'' s done right as well as they intend to make certain it'' s done right. Uh for the benefit of our residents. we don'' t constantly do all the job ourself. This image is of the New Freedom Liberty Culvert project that was completed little over a year earlier. Um this task was acquired out to a a service provider to do the task however our personnel still have to kind of oversee as well as make certain that whatever is done in conformity with the the specs and also there'' s no edges being reduced.

right here'' s another one. This got on Yeoman Lake Road I think there was originally two culvert pipes there. Is that right, Steve? There was initially two culvert pipelines there Whenever they put these culvert pipes in, this amount of culvert was based on a 50-year flooding occasion. So, it ought to take care of anything that is projected like over a a fifty-year duration which'' s based on the water drainage from the the uphill basin.

It'' s a little much more difficult than than what I ever before understood in advance what it was. So, however I'' m discovering. Alright, that'' s kind of all for the road division. The next point we'' re going to speak about is the solid waste or the landfill. initially, I desire to state that the land fill or strong waste is based off of a business fund as well as generally, what that is is it'' s self-sufficient aside from like a regarding day-to-day operations. Currently, if the one of the bulldozers that just needed to be repaired. Primarily, restore or replaced. That came out of of splash funds or a capital renovation but the everyday operations of the landfill is covered by the tipping charges that individuals pay when they take something to the landfill.In 2021, simply

to provide you an an example what goes right into the land fill or just how much I guess enters into the garbage dump. In 2021, thirty-eight thousand 4 hundred and sixty lots of waste entered into our garbage dump. That'' s of the 309 days that they were open. Not counting weekend breaks or the not weekends due to the fact that they ' re open on Saturday but not counting Sunday, not counting holidays. They were open 309 days. That'' s approximately a hundred and also twenty-four 46 tons each day. So, 124 and 1/ 2 lots of rubbish per day going into our garbage dump. You maybe ask why is this an issue? Why is it a trouble? There'' s a lot entering into the land fill. Well, September 8th or 9th of 2020, thanks. Nineth, do you remember? November. 8th or 9th anyhow. The the Monday after Labor Day, I think it was, Sail 5 opened up. That is the last sale in the landfill. Uh the initial estimates was the initial layer and when they they place trash in the landfill, they placed it in by layers.They placed a layer, cover it with their, come back, placed an additional layer, cover it with dirt. The original estimate was it would take two years for the first layer. Took a months that is a huge issue for our area, for our residents, that our garbage dump is loading up this this rapidly. Um this is simply life span. Uh and also this is one more big worry to me In 20 15, August, I think it was 2 thousand fifteen. They approximated that the land fill would last another 5nine factor 9 7 years. 60 years. So, it lasts till around twenty sixty-eight in 20 17, it went down to 44 years. It'' s only 2 years distinction but it went from 60 years to 44 years or 44 as well as a fifty percent. in 20 18, a year later on, it dropped to only 30 and a fifty percent years or 30 factor four seven In 2021, it went down to 22 and 22. 24 years or 24 or 22 and a quarter years. that only makes it excellent till approximately 2 thousand forty-three. I imply, I'' m I ' m a quite basic man yet I currently subtract increase and also separate as well as at the rate that we'' re going is loading up quicker than expected.Uh you recognize, it doesn ' t take a rocket researcher so to talk to figure that out. So, what should we do about this? Well, allow me back up. A good economy is a true blessing. Other than for the garbage dumps concerned. When we have a great economic situation, individuals have more trash. They purchase more things. They do away with older things that they place in the garbage dump as opposed to repairing it. They change it. So, exactly how can we aid this problem?Uh one point is reusing. We have 3 areas that recycling can be absorbed Habersham Area. They take glass, clear, environment-friendly, or brownish, glass aluminum tins, primary or second, plastic containers as well as jugs. Uh you view on the bottle or jug and it has a number that tells you if it'' s recyclable or otherwise in a little triangle. Paper, such as paper documents, computer system papers, magazines, books, traded paper cardboard, electronics, things that plug in or take a batteries such as computer systems, cellular phones, audio aesthetic equipment, microwave stoves, and also metal.Metal needs to go only to the landfill though. Our recycling facilities put on'' t have a the capacity or the area to take metal. So me only mosts likely to the land fill. Both recycling facilities that we currently have besides the garbage dump is Clarksville and also Cornelia. Uh 4142 Tocoa Freeway. Um it'' s open Thursday via Sunday from 8 to 430. In Kanea at 507 Nicolon Drive, it once more is open Thursday via Sunday from eight to 430. the land fill, recycling there is open the normal landfill hours. Um it'' s at 4900 Dix Hill Parkway in Mount Airy, Monday via Friday from 6 AM to 430 PM as well as Saturday from 6 AM to 12. Currently, as poor as I despise to claim this, our recycling centers aren'' t the finest ever before.'It ' s what we have to work with with the funding that we have. they need some job. Oops, sorry. I took some photos of the one at the garbage dump. and also it'' s probably extra easy to use than the recycling centers are in that the cardboard trailer is or paper trailer, paper trailer, right? the tractor'and also trailer ' s paper or is it cardboard? Paper.It ' s paper trailer. That'' s what I assumed. The paper trailer, you need to go up actions. The cardboard, you walk up about. yet still not truly optimal, straightforward the can trailers, the container trailer, they'' re probably really a little far better than after the various other sinners due to the fact that a minimum of you'' re on quality degree. Like the Clarksville when you need to stroll up actions and also put your things over in the top of it. the steel container is a huge roll-off container. So, sometimes it finishes up stuff obtaining established beside it as well as the land fill employees actually placing it over in the in the roll off whenever they visit.

So, you recognize, recycling is a favorable point for our landfill however it doesn'' t come without a price. You recognize, I I presume there ' s the hope in recycling is that you recover cost. You'' re not going to make any money off recycling. You'' ll make a bit of money off of light weight aluminum, a bit of cash off steel, maybe simply a percentage of cardboard, Whatever else, you lose cash on. Whether it'' s simply regular paper, glass, as well as the important things concerning containers, they occupy a great deal of room in the land fill. Plastic takes up an incredible quantity of space in the land fill. So, it'' s something that we'' re truly mosting likely to have to to service and and consider doing far better with in my viewpoint. Again, I'' m just one commissioner out of 5 but spending a little bit of cash on recycling and making it far better is more affordable than alternative when the land feels full and and make indisputable, the longer we wait to do far better the quicker the garbage dumps going to fill up.Okay? Alright. The flight terminal simply a little about the airport. Uh the runway size is 5506 feet. So, it'' s just over a mile. Miles 5, 280 feet. Uh it'' s a00 foot in size. Um and this is this number is based upon the our airport specialist. We'' re ranked 22 out of 96 flight terminals in the state of Georgia. Uh so that'' s quite substantial that we'' re rated in the the leading fourth of the flight terminals or leading 25percent. Uh for Little Habersham County, we truly have the prospective to relocate up the ranking in some. and also with any luck that'' s the direction that we'' re heading in. Airport terminal is likewise an enterprise fund. It'' s basically self adequate Um and we'' re the one of the largest changes now is we'' re making some changes in how it'' s took care of. Um it utilized to be handled by contracted FBO. It currently is right currently temporarily being taken care of by contracted FBO.But at the end

of their period it must be that it'' s managed by an airport manager that is an employee of Habersham County. So, it would offer us a great deal more control over the airport terminal. What we can do and what'' s occurring at the flight terminal since quite honestly, we located that via the the previous FBO regarding the region, we actually didn'' t understand what was taking place at the very least to the level that we should have. So, that will certainly will aid those points. the Habersham Region Flight Terminal has actually functioned given that nineteen sixty-nine It'' s a county-owned public airport Uh staffed from 8 AM up until dirt. Uh we did construct a new airport structure and it opened in January of two thousand and also 19. Um it had a break area, a seminar area, pilots lounge, as well as a staff remainder area as well as a few of the the factor we'' ll about the factors and also the benefit of of the flight terminal a little bit a lot more soon but having an airport terminal although no I put on ' t have an airplane you might not have a plane but it has a tremendous economic impact to our community which assists everyone.

gas sales We really make some money off fuel sales Uh the jets as well as helicopters and also aircrafts can be found in there. The largest bulk of them acquire fuel while they'' re there. Uh jet Afuel can be purchased during normal organization hours and they they in fact have the capability of scheduling trips in and also out. So, outside of typical organization hours, they can in fact purchase it those times as well. 100% reduced lead or 100 octane, not percent, 100 octane, low lead, gas, or air travel gas can be purchased during normal service hrs or those service hrs with a card viewers. Kinda like pumping your own gas at the filling station. So, we have we have the capacity for that also.

fuel vehicles. There are 2 fuel trucks there. One with Jet A gas, one with aeronautics gas. Uh larger airplanes that might not have the ability to get close enough to the gas pumps Can still obtain gas while they'' re there. have workers that will take the vehicle out to the apron or the runway or or taxi means not runway as well as fuel the aircrafts as needed. This is just a photo of a number of aircraft being fueled. The helicopter on the left-hand side is a Georgia Forestry helicopter that'' s based there throughout certain durations of the year and after that the the jet on the right is simply a an airplane that was available in as well as obtained gas while they were there.So, they they do acquire gas there. a few of the benefits Advilarum taxes. If the airplane'' s based there, similar to acquiring an automobile tag or residential property tax or whatever, they pay tax obligations to the county. Uh so, that does place money right into the region'' s tax obligation budget plan or general fund. Likewise, gas sales. We earn money off of gas sales. to cover the expense of pumping the fuel, saving, maintenance, as well as ideally, cross your fingers, a little bit of profit to opt for it. The financial impact is the substantial advantage of the flight terminal. A great deal of times when we have people that intend to construct a company or industry or warehousing, one of things that they try to find is a close proximity of a flight terminal. you understand, if they have individuals that they require to to generate, to consider an item, or steel cell for example. You know, if they have a a specialist that'' s building a prison or a prison somewhere.

They have the ability to come in to Habersham Area Airport Terminal we have I believe it'' s just one politeness auto. This set. One courtesy cars and truck or they can lease an auto and also as well as have it dropped off at the airport for em and they'can do whatever service they ' ve obtained ta do. Obtain back on'an aircraft and fly right back out. They put on ' t have to fret about flying in the Hartsville Jackson. Combating the web traffic in Atlanta, Combating the website traffic right here. Traffic back. Website traffic back in Atlanta and also flying back out once again. So, a great deal of Times, individuals that that come in have an economic influence. This is a it'' s really a convenience for them however it assists us ultimately that we our companies, our industry that'' s existing continue to grow, as well as we also attract other service in the market. Another thing that we contend the flight terminal. Air approaches has a helicopter at the airport.Uh this is a an air

rescue so to speak For our residents, if you, you know, you or your loved one or someone is is wounded and also need to visit a an injury center, a heart center, stroke facility, whatever. And it'' s going to take too lengthy to deliver by ground. They can actually fire you to that or fly your loved one to that center. a great deal quicker and also then what ground transport can be. Um they rented it in two thousand and 19. The lease was for 5 years and also it'' s an eco-friendly lease. We can can renew it for one more five years or or whatever the the moment duration is.The United States Forest Service, I discussed the one picture about the the helicopter that was being sustained. It is a forest service helicopter. They situated below in Habersham Area to cover this region throughout the top fire period. As well as that'' s generally summer, fall, very early spring, until things gets green once more. Then, they'' ll relocate somewhere else for a little while and also next year, it'' ll come back year. With any luck, possibly one day, they'' ll keep it here regularly. That understands? The helicopters shed a great deal of jet fuel.Jet gas is extremely costly. So, it ' s a benefit. and I put these following pair of slides in just to type of show you. It ' s not just one airplane or one kind of airplane that ' s can be found in to our our airport. You know, this I simply happen to be there. someday. They was the jet that can be found in in the history Just a few mins later, below comes a single-engine airplane. So, you know, it'' s all kinds of aircraft. Um right here'' s just a photo of some some even more planes that can be found in. Um the one on the bottom bottom left absolutely is a distinctive color pattern anyhow. So, it'' s pretty neat yet you recognize, that'' s simply to'show it ' s not just a couple of planes.'It ' s it ' s continuous. It ' s basically throughout the day if you have the opportunity to be around the airport.You can you can typically see aircrafts being available in on a rather routine basis. Alright, following point that I'' m going to briefly touch on is water as well as sewer however, there'' s not an entire great deal to chat concerning from a region level for water as well as sewage system and also the reason being, the 7 communities for the most part, handle the water and sewer and Habersham Region. Whether that'' s a good point or a negative point, that various individuals have various opinions. Uh Habersham Area did have a water supply or the beginning of a water supply. Uh we purchased treated water. Um and there was a reasonable amount of dash funds and also give funds that entered into developing that water system however it was committed the city of Emerst. drain, kind of the same point. Uh the 7 towns, they practically manage drain in their corresponding service delivery area. Now, some of the cities supply water or sewer exterior of their city limitations. Uh Some make you link into the city if you they provide water and sewer. Some wear'' t. Uh I think it'' s as much as the the cities individual charter.Uh Habersham County did get a grant to run drain lines and partner with a community to run sewage system in the unincorporated location. Yet that give was not approved through ARP funding. top of the last point I wish to speak about transportation splice or I I kind of refer to it as a roads and bridges spray. Uh again, this is just one of those points where I ' m one point of view, Everyone else or the remainder of the compensations might concur. They may not agree. There ' s there ' s numerous points that you can utilize a roadways and bridges sprinkle for this not always a road or a bridge or rodent bridge maintenance equipment. such as cycling tracks, strolling routes, pathways, transit, even some things at the airport however in my viewpoint, for a roadways as well as bridges spray for Habersham County, it must be dedicated to roadways and bridges. Uh either paving, dirt roadways that are that we have properly or we can get the appropriate means to pave which includes if needed right away procurement, moving energies, drainage, those things accompany with paving those roads.Um additionally resurfacing existing roads. Uh we are truly and truly we ' re getting even more behind on looking into each year. usually in between Elmig and Splash, we can resurface 12 to fifteen miles a year out of over 400 miles of smooth roads that don ' t take lengthy to find out just how far behind we ' re mosting likely to be. At 12 to 15 miles each year. a bit extra concerning T Squash or Roadways as well as Bridges Dash. It ' s a special purpose local choice sales tax that is simply for transport. Single county Teesplash is a sales tax where the jobs contain'transport objectives just. Uh to qualify the region already needs to have a regular sprinkle. You can ' t decide not to do splash and have a tea sprinkle. You need to have one before each and also half the various other Solitary County Tea Sprinkle can be leveled approximately five years at a fractional price as much as one percent and absolutely no 5 %increments. If there ' s no intergovernmental arrangement, excuse me. It can be levied approximately direct seven five percent of a penny Uh or three fourths of a cent. Distribution in between the cities and area is based upon an intergovernmental contract. If we have an intergovernmental agreement, it can be classified up to one cent. Um why do we require a roadways as well as bridges splash? Uh deteriorating framework. you know, once again, we ' re obtaining better behind. We ' re getting more backlogged. increase website traffic and population development. Even more web traffic, the more deterioration on our roadways. enables us to utilize splosh for other important demands such as public security Habersham County does have the neighborhood choice sales tax that most regions in Georgia do. So, basically, in our general fund budget plan, we have extremely little funding for road jobs. It typically appears of splash due to the fact that we put on ' t get that local option sales tax profits from individuals that aren ' t Habersham County citizens. Any person that comes via Habersham County that spends cash in Haversham Region will pay the sales tax.So, you know, if somebody stops at Walmart and also'acquire stuff en route to go hiking or camping or whatever. They pay right into our tax obligations to fix our roads. They use our roadways, right? So, why shouldn ' t they pay the maintenance em? we do when we go someplace else a andfifty9 areas in Georgia, over 1 thousand of em either have a local or a single county transport sales tax or roadways and also bridges plots. Alright. Areas presently have a tea splasher in blue,'The ones in green have a regional tea sprinkle. Ware County down below in the lower component of the lower appropriate hand component of the state. This kind of stripe colored. They have both. They have a regional tea sprinkle as well as a solitary area T dash. this, I place this in here so you can see. I know there ' s been a great deal of discuss, well, it was voted down in 2 thousand and also 18. It was. Take a look at the map from two thousand and18 on your left and after that, look at the present map. on your right. You can see a growing number of areas have actually established a solitary region tee sprinkle. All these in blue are single area T Sprinkle areas. very just recently, Raven Area is possibly the last closest area to pass one. Uh they passed their own in November. So, 4 months back. They ' ll begin collections Friday, April 1st, whenever I think it ' s Friday, they will certainly begin accumulating their roads as well as bridges recall Friday. Alright, how should the cash be spent? Transport objectives consists of roadways, bridges, public transportation, rails, flight terminals, buses, seaports, without constraint, road, road, or bridge purposes. Seek it to Georgia Code. And also we ' ll simply leave it to that. This is what it'can be invested in. Legally, What it can be invested in. Does it mean that we have to spend it on rail or buses seaports or airports? No. We can choose our tasks and also that ' s why I assume in my point of view, it ' s essential that we use it for roadway maintenance, maintenance, roadway equipment to do maintenance as well as maintenance, not all the remainder of the things that it can be utilized for and also once more, that ' s simply my opinion.Uh this is the remainder of the code section. Um I indicate, it ' s 48 dash eight dash one twenty1 and also it ' s especially spells out every little thing that it can be utilized for. however you understand, appropriate aways, building and construction, it in fact also construction in brand-new roads. if there ' s a need for a new new roadway. Uh relocation of energies, enhancements on roads, stormwater, our ditches, as well as culverts and

things connected with roadways. All of those points can be utilized where they roads and bridges sprinkle. how exactly how would certainly it affect us? Exactly how much money could possibly be increased? Alright, as it is currently, the Roads and also Bridges Splash would be for possibly 5'years That five-year period might finish earlier if the optimum quantity of collections were accomplished. Now, there is an expense in the at the state level, the the senate and home that enable you to accumulate for the entire five years. Um you understand, since now, either five years or up until the optimum amount has actually been accumulated. a bit concerning the election details, the date of election would be November 8th of 2022 Uh it would certainly accompany our general political election in November the commission needs to call for it and also it be marketed before then would certainly have to be marketed by August 5th, which would certainly suggest at the normal July 2022 Board of Payment meeting.We would need to elect to place it on on the ballot. So, if we do a roads and also bridges sprinkle, what ' s next? City center meetings such as this, citizen input meetings with the cities as well as also a project checklist. you understand along with person input I I think we kind of need to to go a step further there in my point of view yet citizen backing The neighborhood and also our citizens behind the suggestion of doing this. Again, conference with the cities, initial discussions, a lot of the cities are are on board with it. The project listing once again, you understand, think it or not, we have projects from the 2018 job list that is still not been finished. So, type of our task list has actually already begun for us. Why is it, why haven ' t those things been done? Lack of funding. This is a method to discover those points. Alright. That ' s all for the discussions. I did good. It wouldn ' t much over 30 minutes. Uh for 50 slides or 49 slides, I did quite possibly, maybe. Um at this time, we ' ll take some questions from the target market Um and also I know we ' re online streaming. So, perhaps we ' ll have some questions from the real-time stream too. certain allow ' s let ' s allowed ' s sort of do a mix.We ' ll do a live stream concern after that an audience question. the very first concern is, what is the region ' s vision to generate major industry and also major restaurant chains to Abersham Area Please come. and and I I though I say that amusingly yet you know, we'have to be gotten ready for those points. as well as our streets, our garbage dump, our airport terminal, every one of those are ways that we are preparing. However, we don ' t'have the capacity as for water as well as sewer. We'' re counted on the districts to do water and also sewer. Uh a whole lot of those have service distribution areas beyond their city limitations. you understand we at we again, we depend on them for water and drain as well as a great deal of the market, not all, there are some some locations and some opportunities that an industry can come in as lengthy as they ' ve got water, they could use a septic system.There are some some locations that are like that. Um just recently, we ' ve saw Crandall, Georgia at the Inland Port there. As well as one of their storehouse or distribution facility was for GE and also their warehouse on the septic system. So, it is an opportunity, you understand, certainly, sewage system is much better but it doesn ' t have to be. we are are functioning to bring organization, sector, restaurants in and also the other side of that, restaurants aren ' t going to come in unless they believe they ' re going to be profitable. So, you know, we have to have labor force. We need to have individuals that ' s going to check out these centers. Uh and also make them successful or they ' re not mosting likely to come and if they do come, they ' re not going to stay.So, we have to draw in those things ahead right into our community Uh anybody from the'public have a question? okay? If you obtained an additional to feel repeated so they can listen to Sarah listening on your lapel. The 2nd inquiry is What occurred to the lane? And also I ' m not exactly sure. I I ' ve spoke what occurred to the land that was initially bought for the what'occurred to the land that was originally purchased for the court house? Long tale short, it was offered from what I was'informed it was offered to get it

back on the the books. That was before I took office. Um whether I I whether I concur with the the selling of it or otherwise. It ' s it ' s sort of irrelevant since it was done before I even had a voice in it. So, would certainly kind of be great to have it today. in my viewpoint. Once again, one out of 5 but on That ' s all for the on-line questions.Anybody have anything else? I truly intend to thank everybody for coming. Uh I hope it ' s been useful.I wish whether you'' re below live as well as in person or you'' re on the online stream, I hope it'' s been useful and also maybe also if you'' re not seeing it presently, you had a chance to enjoy it later. my my door is constantly open. My call info is out there anywhere and also I'' m pleased to respond to any questions that anybody contends any kind of time and once more, thanks for coming. Say thanks to y'' all.'Y ' all y ' all didn ' t even need to answer absolutely nothing. I wear'' t recognize what ' s up with that said.

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