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Jaisalmer is a former medieval trading center and a princely state in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, in the heart of the Thar Desert. Known as the “Golden City,” its yellow sandstone architecture distinguishes it. Dominating the skyline is Jaisalmer Fort, a sprawling hilltop citadel buttressed by 99 bastions. Behind its massive walls stand the ornate Maharaja’s Palace and intricately carved Jain temples.

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Here are the top tourist attractions to see in Jaisalmer

  • Fascinating Jaisalmer Fort
  • Scenic Jaisalmer City
  • Great Gadisar Lake
  • Fantastic Jaisalmer Local Bazaar
  • Terrific Kanoi 
  • Adventurous Paramotoring
  • Unforgettable Sam Sand Dunes
  • The noteworthy Thar Desert
  • Unique Winds Desert Camp
  • Enchanting Tanot Mata Temple
  • Impressive Desert National Park
  • Striking Desert Culture Centre & Museum
  • Delicious Rajasthan Cuisine
  • Thrilling Desert Jeep Safari
  • Mindblowing Camel Safari
  • Marvelous Salim Singh Ki Haveli
  • Extraordinary Jain Temple Tour
  • Stunning Nathmal Ki Haveli
Top 20 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer
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