Toll tax is Included for clear pricing information to customer and aims to provide genuine one-side fares to one way intercity taxi passengers needing only one-way taxi drop or pick up, which is reliable and hassle-free through efficient use of technology.

We have friendly and efficient staff to help. Most of our cars are less than 3 years old, well maintained, and are driven by chauffeurs who are highly experienced and courteous. You can Bank on our first-mover advantage in many cities across India.

Travel with us and save money the smart way. Our main aim is saving customers money and time.

Currently, we provide services in 24 major cities thus you can be sure that we have covered most part of India well and also various locations of all big cities.

Pioneers of one side taxi service in India.

Quality service with well-behaved driver and staff.

Convenient, flexible and shorter time travel.

When you compare the cost of A/C bus or AC Train journey with charges for a family of four and include the extra charges for local travel at both ends, porter charges etc., you will find that you are paying less and enjoying royal comfort of home pick up and drop up to destination.

Time taken will be less and convenience many times more. You can stop at your choice of food joints at your desired time, stop where you find good wash room facilities, take a break when you want

While we specialize in offering genuine one side trips which no other company offers,our basic concern is to save customers money.

We make the same effort if a customer needs a regular round trip on per KM basis or is having a program where he is starting from one place and ending his trip at some other destination. We make all efforts to see that he does not have to pay for the empty trip.

No. You can use our service fully without the need to register. You just need to provide your details at the time of booking. But registering is always better.

It is the responsibility of the customer solely to take care of his belongings. Advised to put locks on suitcases and carry valuables in their possession only during the travel.Drivers, taxi operators and least of all the website can not be help responsible for any such loss or damage.

In the unexpected case of any accident or any untoward incident,the website can not be made accountable as it’s role is to only make a taxi available.The contract is between the taxi operator and the customer.In case the passenger does not want to travel due to any issue like the condition of the vehicle or driver behaviour he/she should immediately get in touch with the call centre and report the matter. The call centre will find out the facts and resolve the issue.The decision of the centre will be final in any case. Passengers in general and lady passengers in particular are advised to take care to look after their own safety and the security of their valuables for which they alone will be responsible. During an overnight journey, the passengers are strongly advised to give full importance to security over anything else.The website accepts no responsibility for the same.

We take care in choosing the operators who align with us and make efforts to see that drivers with good record only deal with our customers but the website accepts no responsibility for any incident of inappropriate behaviour by the Driver.The customer will have to deal with the Driver or Taxi operator directly without our involvement. We seek feed back from customers regarding any such incident and take suitable action immediately after verifying the facts.

In case the vehicle you booked doesn’t show up, we will offer you a full refund and also try to arrange an alternate vehicle.

While all reasonable precaution is taken to ensure that you reach your destination at the targeted time but all must understand that it depends on many factors which are beyond any body’s control.

We advise our customers with our regular knowledge of routes, road conditions, traffic congestion but in no way can commit that the vehicle will reach at the appointed time at destination.

No claim for consequential damages will be entertained.

The customers are requested to note this condition and take whatever precaution they want to on their own. Delays are a part of life on road travel in India. No arguments or fights should be there with the taxi operator or driver.

Yes. You can change the date of booking till 2 days before the booked date free of charge. After that, there will be a cancellation charge as per cancellation policy.

1. Per KM Rate: This is base rate which will be charged on every KM travelled. The rate varies with car models, operators and cities.

2. Minimum KM charged per day: There is a minimum distance which will be charged for every day of usage. In case the actual travelled distance is higher, the later will be charged. Generally, the minimum distance charged per day is 300 KM. Please consider the following example for clarity: If you are using the vehicle for 3 days the minimum we will charge you for is 3*300=900 Km, in case your actual usage for the three days (combined) is less (say 500 Km) we will still charge you for 900 Km and in case your usage is higher than 900, we will charge you for your actual KM used.

3. Daily Driver allowances: For intercity travel customers need to pay driver allowances. The allowance amount varies with operator. Some operator might also have separate day and night allowances.

4. Return Toll charge, parking and state taxes: These will be charged on actual at the end of the journey. You need to settle this with the driver in return for the relevant receipts. You can always call us at our helpline in case of any discrepancy.

5. Definition of a day: Day is defined as 12 midnight to next day 12 midnight for all the calculation purposes.

Local car rental fares constitute of various components as below:

1. Base fare: This is base rate which will be charged. The base fares are generally available as 4 hour 40 KM and 8 hour 80 KM packages.

2. Additional KM charges: In case the actual travel is more than the KM mentioned in the base package, additional amount per additional KM need to be paid.

3. Additional hour charges: In case the actual hours are more than the usage hour mentioned in the base package, additional amount per additional hour need to paid.

4. Toll and parking charges: These will be charged on actual at the end of the journey. You need to settle this with the driver in return for the relevant receipts. You can always call us at our helpline in case of any discrepancy.

1) Local Kms – 8Hrs/80Kms (12-150)

2) Transfer – 4Hrs/40Kms

3) Outstation – One day means Calendar day (From Midnight 12 to Midnight 12)

1) Local rental charges will be calculated on an Hourly basis / Kms Run, The charges will be applicable for 8Hrs. / 80 Km. And can be extended up to 12 Hrs. / 150 Kms. Under similar package. After which the trip becomes chargeable under the different packages.

2) Likewise Local Transfer allows traveling up to 4 Hrs / 40 Kms. Transfers to and from Airport / Railway Station / Bus Stand / Residence / Hotels / Factory is considered local transfers and can be executed under local transfer plan and it is Extendable up to 6Hrs. / 60 Km. After which the next level of the package becomes chargeable.

3) For outstation travel one calendar day will be calculated from 0000 Hrs. Midnight to 2400 Hrs midnight. For the additional runs, an additional day’s charge per day +additional Kms. Run per day as logged will be charged extra. All other charges as toll fees, border entry permit fees, driver’s allowance, and night halting charges for the vehicle will be charged extra.

You may cancel your booking by calling the call centre at any time after making a booking. Although a cancellation charge may be application as per the below schedule:

  • Within 24 hours of scheduled journey: 100% of the trip amount.
  • Before 24 hours of scheduled Journey: 50% of the trip amount.
  • 48 hours prior to journey: No cancellation charge.

For amount paid by cash, a cheque will be dispatched and for amount paid by card or net-banking, amount will be automatically refunded.